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I really see yoga, movement, nutrition, wellness as really foundational for students to be successful academically and in life. It is helpful to have yoga in any school environment because it gives teachers and children tools to control their emotions, regulate their own moods, and focus and engage and concentrate in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.
Allison Slade
Namaste Charter School
We see RSY as part of that personal safety and wellness aspect of our programming. RSY really gets to that stress reduction that we need for our women to heal so they can be successful not only in their goals, but also with their children. I appreciate the holistic approach that RSY has discussed. The complete mind body connection RSY understands the impact that has. RSY can play a great part in women achieving that wholeness so they are stress free and focused and able to really deal with whatever they need to do to shift their circumstances head on. I would choose RSY for the YWCA because of the holistic approach it has. It integrates not only what needs to happen with youth, but also what needs to happen with parents so they can reinforce that message of mindfullness, focus, so you can really heal a family. The opportunity for RSY and YWCA is to break the cycle. Break the cycle of generations of stress of the conditions that stress has caused. So we’re not only talking about what happens with the mother and the child today, we’re looking at the long term effects that they’ve experienced as well as they could potentially cause if we don’t break the cycle today. The mission of the YWCA is to eliminate racism and empower women and so for us RSY is part of that empowerment process because again, we look at how e can really help women put their oxygen masks on first so that they’re better prepared to help their children be as successful as they need to be.
Dorri McWhorter
Director YMCA Metropolitan Chicago
This is something that Shruthi has so much passion about-that it just infuses through the program RSY and into the kids. And not only does it impact them, but they go home and it impacts their parents as well. That is impacting the world. It ‘s the kind of thing where it doesn’t cost a lot to actually do the fulfillment of the service, but at the same time, there’s a strong scalability associated with it if you think about how many students there are. How many kids there are, etc. All the channels on top of that, it has the potential to drive incredible social impact I would encourage people to support RSY because we either invest in our children and give them these skill sets, or we invest later in them when they’re adults and we’re dealing with the repercussions. I would choose RSY because I know Shruthi, I’ve known her for years and she’s phenomenal at what she does. #2 This is a program that has been in schools, integrated and tested in schools and I think that is a key channel.
Matt McCall
We believe that in order for student to learn effectively , we need to create a balanced school day that incorporates yoga every morning and nutrition education and physical education I in order to really create this balanced frame for living and learning. Over the past five years we’ve seen at the Academy for Global citizenship, how the integration of yoga makes such a tremendous impact on our students attention and focus and interactions with one another and I believe we need more organizations like RSY to incorporate and to broaden the access within schools here in Chicago and beyond. We need more organizations like RSY here in Chicago to broaden the access with schools here in Chicago and beyond. We see yoga as such an incredible tool that can be incorporated as a classroom wide practice and also as a student centric practice into the day to support the different needs that are represented in the classrooms. I absolutely believe that yoga should be in every school. I think it’s such and easy way for teacher to support the different challenges that students bring into the classroom and the different ways that students learn. I think after school programs are an incredible avenue to incorporate yoga classes throughout the day. If every child had access to these tools, these mindfulness and yoga tool If every child practiced yoga in their day, I believe we would have a much more peaceful and civilized world. Well could you imagine how an entire community could be transformed if we began to integrate yoga into every single school? If every child started their day with yoga…If every child was supported to identify the tools to support their social emotional development?
Sarah Elizabeth Ippel
Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC)
"The Ayurvedic workshop was Amazing! I especially enjoyed the slide show on the two keys to Vibrant Health and learning about Vata, Pitta and Kapha. I learned alot and am glad to say that I have been leading a healthier lifestyle. I especially enjoyed the cooking. My mom has been making the stew, apple cider and pears and my whole family and I like it alot. I really appreciate everything your class has taught me and I look forward to attending another one of your workshops with my mom again."
Age 11, Grade 6
"Bravo to 3 incredible women, Shruthi Reddy, Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh & Chef Malika Ameen! They presented the Immunity Building 101 Workshop in an approachable and fun way. My 11 year old daughter was mesmerized for 6 hours. Raising preteen twins can take a lot of energy and having her witness one of my most favorite things to do ie attending a health focused workshop was invaluable from a learning perspective and most importantly connecting in our relationship. This season my twin son was having a particularly challenging season with catching two viruses within weeks of each other. We learned simple steps to build our immunity ie warming foods/spices to stoke agni, sesame oil pre-baths, tongue cleaning, meditating and yoga, to name a few, and so far we have all been healthy. Thank you for helping our family learn ways to stay healthy. I too am excited for the next workshop from these dynamic women! A definite must attend!!"
Parent of twins

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