Our Founder

Shruthi Reddy

Shruthi Reddy is a social entrepreneur, facilitator, educator, media contributor, and trusted advisor for holistic health and wellness. As Reddy Set Yoga! founder, she brings her mission of improving health of mind, body and spirit to people of all ages and backgrounds. Shruthi designs and delivers wellness programs that incorporate yoga (includes meditation, mindfulness, pranayama/breathwork, ayurveda) and nutritional therapies. Her work dramatically impacts schoolchildren, teachers, adults, and their families, while supporting health practitioners and wellness professionals seeking to implement holistic, integrative, and functional medicine approaches into healing.


A former corporate attorney, Shruthi leverages her legal background in addressing social issues, particularly those relating to health and wellness. After overcoming her own personal health challenges through yoga and nutritional therapies, she was inspired to share her story and help others heal. Shruthi has founded and been affiliated with several nonprofit organizations aimed at empowering women and children. An advocate for women’s rights, she has provided pro bono legal representation for Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) cases. She continues to lend her time and support to women’s leadership groups. Through the Reddy Set Yoga 360 Life Cleanse offered at the YShop.org, Shruthi donates a % of sales to support YWCA programs that empower women and girls. She is now working with a major skincare company to lobby for stricter regulations and safer products in the entire cosmetics industry.

Shruthi is also a holistic health advisor for a progressive nutraceutical firm specializing in best in class nutritional products, especially in the areas of HPA Axis, immune modulation, oxidative stress, gut health, detox and weight-loss. She collaborates with wellness professionals and health care practitioners, including physicians from top medical schools, on integrating nutritional therapies into their practices. Shruthi has been featured on CNN, BBC News, ConversAsians, and NainaMD. She was selected to be the March 2016 role model in the Saris to Suits calendar to empower women and girls. Eye On India, YWCA,Chicago, and Reddy Set Yoga! co-hosted the 1st International Day of Yoga as declared by the UN.

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture the mind, body, and spirit for people of all ages so everyone can live their best life.
We bring wellness programs incorporating yoga (includes meditation, mindfulness, pranayama/breathwork), nutrition education and nutritional therapies to kids, adults and families through schools, nonprofits and the workplace.

Our Philosophy

Research shows that most modern health issues are a result of stress and toxins. We offer solutions to minimize the effects of stress and toxins to allow the body to heal and achieve “vibrant health” rather than simply being “okay, with no serious health issues.” Our programs incorporate yoga (asana/poses, meditation, mindfulness, pranayama/breathwork) and nutrition education.
Yoga is a wonderful tool for reducing stress at any age and any level of fitness or mobility.
To reduce toxins in your system, we suggest being mindful of what we put IN, ON and AROUND our bodies. We also partner with the most scientifically advanced, up-to-date nutritional therapies for detoxing and balancing the body. We call this 360 Clean Living and we support you with our 360 Life Cleanse.

Our Programs


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