Kids Yoga

Reddy Set Yoga! offers programs before, during and after school for kids, teens, teachers, parents, families, and adults. Our classes incorporate meditation, mindfulness and nutrition education. 

We have been offering programs at public and private schools including the following: Alexander Graham Bell, Francis W. Parker, Hawthorn Scholastic Academy, LaSalle Language Academy, Latin School of Chicago, Ogden International School, Montessori School of North Hoffman, and Lotus Montessori School.

Teens Yoga

The RSY Workshop “Mindfulness and Meditation for College Success” is popular among high school and college students. Students these days are under tremendous pressure to perform well on exams. This RSY workshop offers tools to help students reduce stress and improve focus.

Family Yoga

We piloted our Reddy Set Yoga Family Nights at Francis W. Parker School this past Spring. Subtle family therapy can occur during family yoga without any talking at all. 

For example you may have a child who does not get along well with a parent or sibling. But then they have to do a partner pose together, and they start to giggle and relax and feel more connected. After yoga, the family can continue relaxing and bonding together over dinner at home since no one has to cook or clean-up! 

The program at Parker was such a big hit that both the families and the school have asked us to bring it back at least monthly, if not weekly this fall. We decided to partner with Chef Jona Silva of Cooked because his food is “Stealth” That means it is so incredibly delicious that kids (and adults) have no idea that it is healthy 

Corporate & Adult Yoga

Adults often request the RSY Yoga + Healthy Desk Meal program for their work-place. Though they know it would improve their health, many individuals are too busy to take a yoga class or prepare a healthy meal. This RSY program solves the problem by bringing yoga and a healthy meal to you. It can be done as lunch hour yoga followed by meal at your desk or it can be after work yoga with take-home meal.


Programs Are Offered At

Alexander Graham Bell School
Banner Day Camp
Christopher House
Francis W. Parker School
Hawthorne Scholastic Academy
LaSalle Language Academy
Latin School of Chicago
Lotus Montessori
Montessori School of North
Ogden International
Right At School
Shivalya Temple

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